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Welcome to 605 Summer Rentals!

We are your full service camper rental in the Platte, South Dakota area! We offer 5 bumper pull campers in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. We offer transportation, pickup, cleaning and septic tank disposal. We are located in Platte, South Dakota on Highway 44- across from the Dollar General. 


We will transport and set up any of our campers to the following campgrounds to save you time and hassle:

- Platte Creek

- Snake Creek

- Buryaneks

- North Wheeler

- Pease Creek

Need a camper for a different location? Contact us to discuss mileage rates.

Don’t Miss

Platte Creek and Snake Creek both have great dining options. Platte Creek Store offers three delicious meals per day- try their wings! Snake Creek boasts Dock 44 Marina- the prime rib on Fridays and Saturdays can't be beat! Both offer a convenience store as well for your fishing and snack needs. 



Camping along the Missouri River in South Dakota combines some of the best of the midwest- scenery, fishing, and recreation! Book your campsite today!

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